Mars in the 10th House Brings Recognition

O My Stars I Have an Award  Francina, who writes Season Poetry a blog I much admire nominated me.   I discovered her when I first started the daily blogs and I thought: O My Stars I wish my blog could be like hers.  So an Award coming from her puts stars in my eyes and wings on my feet. Thank you Francina.

I believe the award is for bringing light and sunshine to the blogosphere. That certainly is my intention , I even shed light on the movement of the Sun from time to time.  And of course, for those who don’t know, my other blog is called Light Words.

To Receive this award I (A) must answer questions 10…Since this is usually an educational Astrology Blog I hope some of my answers you can find meaningful and insightful or funny.

1.Favorite Color? I Have to say green. I have a lot of green walls in my house, also as redhead my mom dressed me in green a lot and above all Green is the color I hope and pray this planet stays.

2. Favorite Animal? Dogs and all their kin: wolves, coyotes, foxes…

3. Favorite Number? Π That’s why I’m posting this today 3.14  What could be better then a number that’s also a food!

4. Favorite Drink? Darjeeling Tea and Hefenweizen Beer just not together.

5. Favorite Facebook? or Twitter?  I have to say Facebook I have connected with some long lost friends though Facebook. I tried to tweet and it seemed very odd.

6. Passions? I don’t kiss and tell. Oh you mean things I really, really like. My Family and friends and writing and reading and this beautiful planet floating among the stars. Which brings me to Astrology and the practice of trying to give meaning and words to that which is mysterious and beyond words.

7. Which do you prefer Giving or Receiving?  Tricky question. Since I like to shop I might say giving because it a fords me an opportunity to shop selflessly. Receiving gracefully is an art  and to be grateful for my bountiful life is a goal I strive toward everyday.

 8.Favorite Pattern? Plaid and the turning of the Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars.

9. Favorite Day? Winter Solstice the most deep, dark, magical day of the year. When anything can happen in the dark dream time.

10.Favorite? Flower? The flowering quince outside my window where I write…and the wilty squished flower a child brings me.

(B) Pass this on now or later. For now I choose:


I will be spreading the sunshine to some of my friends new and old very soon.

(C) This isn’t on the official award list but I want to add a Great Big


To the one who nominated me Dear friends go see her Blog Seasons Poetry


  1. Hello Carol,being nominated by Francina proves your blog certainly is good. Congratulations.

  2. You are welcome, Carol , you deserve it! And I do like your answers to 9 and nr 6 made me smile . Thank you also for the kind words about my blog , so much praise makes me blush.:-) Francina

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