A Health View of Retro Mercury

A Period of Reflecting

A helpful guide through the next few weeks for one and all.  From We’moon

“Mercury  Went Retrograde March 12th

Mercury, planetary muse and mentor of our mental and communicative lives, appears to reverse its course three or four times a year. We may benefit from less stress when it retrogrades by making allowances for a symbolic “sleep cycle.”

These periods give us permission to pause and go back over familiar territory, reflecting and giving second thoughts to dropped projects or miscommunications. Breakdowns can help us attend to the safety of mechanical and mobility modes. It’s time to “recall the now” of the past and pay attention to underlying issues. Leave matters that lock in future commitments until Mercury goes direct.”


  1. I was on my way to work Tuesday night, a trip that usually takes about 20 minutes, and noticed the radio program was ending. “What? I should already be at work be now! Then I realized that I was 30 minutes into the 45 minute trip to my other job (the one I do on Friday through Sunday:(
    I turned around to get back on the highway to head north but got mixed up and headed south instead. My next thought? Mercury must have just gone retrograde! When I finally got to work, there in my inbox was your latest blog entry confirming just that:) thanks for keeping me abreast of the planetary shenanigans that so affect our lives!

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