Sun and Moon in Opposition

Oh me! Oh my! What can that mean?

A Full Moon… happens every month. The February 7th Full Moon  is in Leo the, home sign of of the Sun. It is often a dramatic day. And it offers us a window in the workings of sign of Leo. Love, Warmth, Passion, Golden Treasures all come under the auspices of Leo. All manner of rules including dictators are included in Leo’s realm. Four years ago it was around the time of the Leo Full moon we Had Super Tuesday when we started become aware that we might have a revolutionary election. Sun in Aquarius rules change.

Today we woke up to the court decision that may open the way for legal Gay and Lesbian Marriage…Leo loves love. Who knows what will happen tomorrow with 3 GOP primaries…But the Moon and Sun should give the candidates fits What about all those Super Pack treasures what happens to them when a candidate drops out?

We ordinary humans are asked to focus on what passions we want to rule in our lives this year. Keep in mind the constant call for change. Now is the time to set the groundwork for where your energies, loves treasures will be directed. What revolutionary steps will we be taking?

Here’s the Sun in the News: As we get closer I will give you the 411 about what this Eclipse will mean in our lives.

Signs in the sun: rare ring of fire eclipse to appear over North America

February 2, 2012EARTH – Get out your calendar and make a big exclamation point on May 20. That’s when an annular solar eclipse will turn the sun into a glowing ring of fire. This is the first solar eclipse visible from the United States in about 18 years, according to NASA. We’ve had our share of lunar eclipses in recent years, but solar eclipses happen when the moon passes in front of the sun, obscuring it from view. The “ring of fire” effect will be visible as far north as Medford, Oregon and as far south as Lubbock, Texas. Throughout the zone –called the “path of annularity” – sky watchers will see the sun transformed into a a bright doughnut-like object. The rest of the country west of the Mississippi (including Seattle) will witness a partial eclipse. That’s when the sun appears to be crescent-shaped as the moon passes by off-center. NASA wants to remind you that this is not a total eclipse — when the moon entirely obscures the sun from view. The next total eclipse visible from the US happens in 2017. –Seattle PI


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