Gee I hoped we would make it till 12/31/12 but it looks like it’s over.



“Surreal Lightning”- Altus, Oklahoma – Glenn Patterson – Guest Photographer

Glenn captures what could be a movie poster titled “2012: End of the World”.  I expect a giant space ship to pop out of the clouds and start leveling the sleeping city below.   I can hear the rumble of the thunder in my minds ear.  The rain seems to explode from the cloud with violent force and the lightning really is surreal.  Glen is a true storm chaser and has a collection of several wonderful lightning photographs. 

For his largest portfolio check out   or for his videos

Here is Glenn with the reality of this amazing photograph:

Took this shot August 21st 2010 around 2am.  I was out and about chasing some Thunderstorms, I particularly like going after Lightning myself when chasing.  The night of shots wasn’t turning out anything spectacular for me, so I…

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