Happy Groundhog Day, Imbolc and Candlemass everyone.

Light Words

Once Upon a time Long long ago in the land of the Celts February 2nd was Imbolc or Brigid’s Day a celebration of first milk. Hence Milky White from a very successful production of “Into the Woods” makes an appearance 0n Light Words today .

Historically it was a day of prophecy, purification and initiation half way between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. How a groundhog and his shadow became involved is a mystery to me. Looking into soulful cow eyes as a means of prognosticating makes just as much sense a groundhog watching .

Either way, cow or groundhog, continuing to pay attention to and honor nature seems to be the right path for a Planet at a tipping point.

Today could be a good day for initiating  just one simple improvement to your life. It might just stick. What will it be?

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  1. Dear Carol–I’m enjoying your blog and your comments too, and the Light Wds do help me feel “lighter”! But I saw some post about you are healing, and I wanted to know what happened? I wasn’t at writing group on Monday becuz I was at a conference, so if something was announced I don’t know what it was.
    Love and healing thoughts sent in any case!
    Susan (K.)

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