Surfing Into the Future

Can you feel it?  A quickening, a shift, something is about to change, the season? the sign? 

Planet Neptune Enters Pisces It’s own sign February 3 

Neptune is about all manor of vibration. We are entering into the realm of  transcendence, illusion, delusion and addiction and if your not psychic now by 2022 you may be.  Movies, music  all thing communal but intangible will come center stage. Water issues that we have been concerned about will come to the forefront.  It also could be a time of water extremes with both floods and droughts. I am entering the realm of prediction which is not my intention. I will be focusing on Neptune in future posts but for now I want to remind you of  the Hill Street Blues blessing: BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.

Story of Now

Jan 20 Sun enters Aquarius-Time to pay attention to our team/invent and innovate.

Jan 22 Aquarius New Moon & Chinese New Year Begins the year of Black Water Dragon who invites us  to recognize how we use power. More water issues. It started raining in California, today, as I write.

Jan 23 Mars goes retrograde for 12 week I wrote about all the frustration in the last Carolilse post.

It’s not all bad or negative but it’s just a lot to happen all at once especially in a time when we are already up to our eyeballs with a Saturn Square Uranus.

It’s period of tension between what is now  and what the future should look like.

It’s doorway to the future. We might as well get busy  building a new  world  this one’s ending soon, or maybe it has already. Que Twilight Zone Music …

To guide us along our way I write a daily WordPress blog Light Words


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