The Whole Post About Sky News

Violet Full Moon

I hope you have seen the fabulous Full Moon the last few Nights. As it rises it fly up into the center of Orion a signature of the Winter Sky and alignment that puts the Moon near the Center of our Galaxy an important point for all the hoop-la about 2012.

For an Explanation of this meaning and a its place in your life you might wan to attend 2012 and Beyond a Class by yours truly Jan. 14,  7 pm

Back to the Astrological News

Four F Words The Sun, Mercury, and Pluto all  slip into Capricorn  this week to give us a hard-working one step at time playground for setting intention that actually come to fruition. Take advantage of this because January 23 Mars the planet of action and heroism goes retrograde. The big F word comes into play FRUSTRATION. Be kind to yourself and fellow your travelers.  Focus on what you can do and may the force be with you.

What has come to fruition for me in the New Year is a second blog. I intend to post one a day on the  theme of Light Words. It will be exploring what Light Words are. See what you think go to


I would love to hear what you have to say.

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