November’s Light Offers A Chance to Shine

Dama de Muertos

 I want the clear white light to work
against the fuzzy blurred edges of the darkness:
even if the darkness precedes and follows
us, we have a chance, briefly, to shine.

                                                        ~ Arthur Sze ~

Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon November 10th 12:16, described by this poem and Lisa Bailey Harrington’s  sculpture. The factual, practical Taurus Moon dances with Jupiter as the Scorpio Sun shines its mysterious delving light on the pair. This gives us an opportunity to integrate the seen with the unseen.  Magic can happen.

A Chance, briefly, to shine

Navigating this week’s celestial waters may take some slight-of-hand for all the changes that are afoot.  Pay attention head to toe. The day before the Full Moon, Neptune moves forward in Aquarius for the final push through the sign of revolution. What was lost in the fog of indecision will become  clear.  The  Occupy Movement may find it’s center, and you may find your place in it easier.

That’s not all: along with the Full Moon on Thursday, Chiron swims direct in Pisces and Mars marches  into Virgo. The Wounded Healer and the God of War are on the move. What does that mean?                           

The possibility for decisive and revolutionary troop movements  abounds. It is up to us to choose where we send our starlight. The pull to action is strong. What area of your life  and the  life of your community is calling out for healing and rejuvenation? 

This months Astrology Offering
It helps to know the area of your birth chart that is being highlighted by these movements. I am offering a Full Moon Special  current event(transit) reading $15. for 15 minutes.
Free for the first person to tell me where (what city) the landscape picture in this post was taken.

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  1. Dear Carol,
    Congratulations!! I love your blog. It inspire me.

    I would like to get together with you and get some celestial input in my life.

    Since I work weekends I can’t come to the circle anymore but I would love to keep in contact with you.


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