Halloween Comes Early This Year


Why Wait for Halloween to embrace the shadow or tiptoe around things that go bump in the night?

October 26 may not be a perfect storm of astrological influences, but the trio of action-packed aspects coming your way is sure to keep you on your toes!

Kicking off the day, Mars and Saturn will meet in an easy partnership — easy for Mars and Saturn that is. These two planets do not always see eye to eye, as Mars wants to charge full speed ahead regardless of consequences, while Saturn prefers to hold back, consider the situation, and then make a carefully thought-out decision. Even at their best, these two planets tend to butt heads! Rather than trying to accomplish something grand, pick a narrow, focused task, and put your energy into getting it right the first time.

Then, as the new Moon rises in Scorpio, secrecy and passion will reign, and new doors will open. The problem is that when one new door opens, another closes. Emotional Scorpio will recognize this loss, and you may experience sadness. Tempting though it may be to keep your feelings to yourself, sharing your experiences will help you benefit from this transit!

Finally, Mars will make another appearance as it squares off with Venus. Venus is sexy, social and passionate, and Mars likes nothing more than to light a fire under your desires. But because of their positions in the sky, their interactions will be off kilter. This means your interactions will be off kilter too! Tread carefully with loved ones’ feelings and be tactful!     info thanks to  care2astrology

Day Of the Dead

Remembering the Beloved Dead

The Vail between the worlds is said to be thin in late October. We have opportunities to visit with our Beloved Dead. In fact, many cultures  build alters with pictures, candles and flowers and food. Some even visit grave sites to have a picnic and dance with their ancestors this time of year.  I believe this is a good way to deal with our very human fear of death. Better to look the shadow square in the face, than to have those ghost of the past sneak up in our dreams and turn them into nightmares, don’t you think?


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