Moon and Mayan News Update

It's All about Balance: Libra/Aries Full Moon

Cosmic News

  • October 12-Aries Libra Full Moon: Asks: What Do We Want? and What Do I Want? All at the same time. How do you balance this? remember it is all about being in RELATIONSHIP. It is of the up most importance to keep this in mind all month because  soon Mercury and Venus and Sun will be in passionate, intense, fixed and tell it like it is detective Scorpio.
  •  Stay Centered in the Web of Life!

Find Your Center of the Web of Life

Mayan Calendar Report

You may have heard rumors of the end of the world. Here’s the 411

  • October 11- 28 demarcate the final phase of the Mayan Calendar. Think of it as the last week of December but on the grand scale of multiple century calendar.  It is the completion of one great cycle.
  • Often Halloween is called the Pagan New Year this year it may be a wild one because it is so close to the beginning of the New Mayan Calendar. Stay tuned for full Day of the Dead and Samhain news in next post.

Stephanie Austin EcoAstologer source of Mayan information.


4 thoughts on “Moon and Mayan News Update

  1. This is so perfect… Tonight, under this full moon, some friends and I will be making love potions! Clarifying what we each want in our lives, clearing what we don’t and raising powerful and focused energy together to create and recreate ourselves being love fully embodied and expressed in relationship. Such Juicy magic! Do you have any suggestions for ingredients or ritual? Also, I love that you’re mentioning a New Mayan Calendar… we do shed skins, and Life IS!

    Love and Blessings,

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