Fall Equinox September 23

Autumn Equinox September 23, 2:05 AM Sun Enters Libra

New Moon September 27th 4:09 AM

The nature of Equinox is equal days and equal nights. The sun is at the mid-point in his journey to the south and the Winter Solstice. This time of year, in my neighborhood, I am blinded when I drive west in the afternoon. This is because the sun sets directly west of here.

Persephone is heading to the underworld

Persephone is heading to the underworld and that change of season is literally in our face. This can be a beautiful time of year for balance and reflection. Venus ruled Libra’s key words are:

Balance, partnership, agreement, sharing equality (isn’t it interesting that now is when Don’t ask don’t tell was ended) peace (the UN meets every year around the time of the Equinox) I hope they use some more Libra qualities: tact collaboration, diplomacy and getting along with people!!!!


Remember this is also the time of year to reap what you sowed.

It is also time to store and plant for next year. A simple ritual for the end the summer: pick one of these key words or ideas and concentrate on it as you go about you daily life. Encourage it to grow in your heart and the world. Use it in a sentence 3 times a day. If you have a garden and plant bulbs, plant one in the name of this word and watch it grow all winter. A wonderful, coyote, tricky thing to do might be to plant a narcissus with the intention of partnership and cooperation. Who knows what could sprout?


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