A Harvest Ritual

My Harvest

These 7  tiny tomatoes where all  that grew in my garden this summer but they weren’t all I harvested. The bowl comes from Mexico carried to me in the hands of my daughter, herself returning from 6 months in Mexico City ( a reverse Persephone story perhaps). Then there is the camera that took the picture, it is new to me since the Spring Equinox.

I give thanks for all that has come my way and grown in my life as the wheel of the year now turns to the darkening times. May my path be guided by all that is good.  May I continue to inspire and be inspired by all the beauty and justice and kindness on Earth and in the Stars.

That is my blessing of gratitude for the Autumn Equinox. What are you grateful for and what do you wish to come your way in the near future? Leave a comment below so we can do a virtual Fall Ritual Celebration through sharing our gratitudes and wishes.

See the blog post from earlier today  for more about the equinox.


4 thoughts on “A Harvest Ritual

  1. May our Bay Area fall be warmer than our summer was, may you feel better quickly than I heard you felt this morning, and may my mood lighten despite the days darkening.

  2. Many of us, including me, have much to be thankful for. I am especially thankful today for health, good food, good work, wonderful family and friends. Thank you, Carol, for creating an opportunity for us to share our gratitudes.

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