Put On Your Virgo Robes

Put On Your Virgo Robes

The Sun in Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept.23) is  time for discernment, separating the wheat from the chaff or being  overly anxious.  Above all, staying healthy is our prime-directive. Put on our Virgo robes and look carefully at what we are choosing to serve. Virgo rules digestion and absorption.

We are being asked to choose wisely what truths we are willing to swallow!  Saturn,the sign of restriction and worry, was in Virgo at the time of the Jonestown Massacre. But now Saturn is in Libra, sign of balanced scales. Her beauty and order  is available  to us all if we are willing to make the sacrifices of ego and special interest.

I have to stop here and reflect that each of us, in one way or another, may be drinking the Kool Aid. We are attached to some belief that can be harmful. These everyday addictions are human nature; that is why we need the guidance of  the Goddess Virgo, the shepherdess, who leads her flock to green pastures and makes them lie down by still water…

NOW is the time to listen to Nature’s refreshing story of  balance, connection and truth!

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