Sparks of Summer

Looking into a crevice

There has been more than enough light the last few days: A full moon, long summer days, bond fires, shooting stars and the Sun is still in his own sign of Leo. All good for looking into the canyons and crevices of our lives and seeing the faults, wrinkles, and mistakes.  We are no longer able to turn our backs on them. It is however, an opportunity to spotlight creativity, connection, justice, our true wealth, and wisdom. The courage to transform the shadows abounds as Summer draws to a close.

Meanwhile, Pluto is still squaring Uranus(see last months posting) Think of these planets as two old goats arguing about the use of time. Pluto says “It’s clear, it’s all black and white: this life is all there is, what you see is what you get, take it slow.”  While Uranus shows us all the psychedelic possibilities and admonishes “Think outside the box, pull free of earthly restraints, find the wormhole, do it now?”  They are both right!  So as these two forces rub together sparks fly setting off more fires…of  destruction? of creativity? of love? How do we know which way to turn?

Grab a hand put your feet on the ground, create a cord of connection; the wisdom we arrive at may be a friend. Here’s what one recently passed in to me. “Some physicists think that:

perhaps the binding force of the universe at the sub, sub, sub atomic level is LOVE.” …pass it on.

And for now the best we can do is to keep walking in the light of love and trust that the path will open with each step you take.


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