New Moon Blooming

Century Plant or Candle to Light Our Way in the Dark

Bob Dylan’s Line “It doesn’t take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows” keeps running through my mind and I want to add “it doesn’t take an astrologer to know that life on Earth is unstable, serious even dire “.  How I see my job for these times is as the tour guide with a map and a flashlight.

Pluto square Uranus is responsible for the rough patch we are going through and it will be around for a few years. Yes, I said years. So we need to develop some coping skills. First we need to understand what’s going on: think of it as a big base sound urging us to evolve, grown and change. Unfortunately some beings are only hearing it as “change at any cost”. The way around, through and over this obstacle is t0:

  • continue lightly-humor and dancing will make you a better crossing guard for change. The  August 2 through 7th Lammas Harvest Festival is a good time to get out and practice these skills in community.
  • keep a level head– panic is for lemmings, not humans.
  • remember– we humans are part of nature.
  • don’t be a victim-it’s a good time to learn the wonders of saying “ouch that hurt, Stop! ” instead of “why did that happen to me?”  You’ll never get a good answer and just be frustrated.

The  light for all our flashlights right now is the July 30th New Moon in glorious Leo, home of all things dramatic, courageous, creative, compassionate and warm, ruled by the Sun himself. Turn that around and ask yourself “what will I create to warm and encourage all those who need my compassion and light, including myself?”

FYI-Back up the computer, pay extra attention to details of travel,because Mercury is retrograde from August 2-26th.

Here is my offering of creativity to lighten your way:


The century plant on Moeser Lane

is in full bloom.

In the fog

it appears foolish

out of place

far from it’s home in Mexico.

Like me it is a transplant.

Lonely? Perhaps

missing dry river beds

nestling snakes and lizards

teaching the lessons of

quiet and waiting and

the tender warmth of stones.

Encoded in the dream

world of roots and

seeds hitchhiking

from a time when

the sun was huge and near

and is now small and far.

Still there is enough

flickering to burn away

the lie of clouds,

to tell the truth

of it’s own fire-yellow flowers.

By Carol Carlisle

Other Days to remember: August 13-14 will bring out the Full Moon just in time for the Presides Meteor Shower. Even if you can’t see them, because of the Moon, go out and take a Moon Bath. It’s another way to stay light!

Who’s ready to learn what the Stars say about how to shine your particular light. That is also in my job description. Call or email for an appointment.

P.S. My Improv class is still on the table. I’m just looking for a place to meet. Any ideas?

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