*Why Can Angels Fly?

So much is written about the celestial events of this months I am  almost tongue-tied about what to tell you.  I will use images instead. Here is the Golden Dragon that was on our Summer Solstice Alter.

In Feng Shui the Golden Dragon is associated with wealth and abundance but it is also the dragon that remains hidden and only appears at just the right moment to bring us what we most need. So many of us are finding they need assistance recently. Often it is something that needs to be returned to us; health, an object, peace of mind, security, the list goes on and on.

Our sister Persephone could not be freed from Pluto in underworld until her mother Demeter flipped out and threatened a drought. A rule of the underworld is you can’t get out on your own.  ASKING FOR HELP  is the key.

Lets all get out of the dark together. Put your needs in the comment box on this sight. This will allow us be one another Demeter’s. And your needs exp0sed to this Summers Sun light.

Whether your is a golden dragon or a wild woman we are all part of the same family and it is bigger then you can imagine.  The Sun and Moon are both in the nurturing, family oriented sign of Cancer just now. These celestial bodies, the whole Milky Way Galaxy, the entire Universe all  are conspiring to force us to grow. Which way will it be toward fear and greed or gratitude and love? Or toward a  new element that it is your quest to find?

A wonderful gift will come to you when you think outside the box.

What if you were lighter?What if you were light? The Theme for my Summer Solstice ritual was ” Be a light unto your self.” That was the Buddha’s final instructions reflecting back to us from 2o00 years ago. It is time to stretch you imagination and circle the boundaries of the Earth with your love

“We are still surfing the energetic wake of two extremely powerful eclipses, as July 1 brings the third of three eclipses in a row, making this one of the hottest “Hot Spot” of the year. Eclipses are doorways to higher levels of consciousness; this one involves the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto in a dynamic cardinal Grand Cross, signaling that we have reached a major crossroads, where the old must break down in order for the new to break through. Stephanie.” Austin Eco Astrologer


*Because They Take Their Self Lightly!

Important Dates:
July 1: New Moon/Solar Eclipse 1:54 AM PDT (9º Cancer) Only seen at the South Pole
July 2: Sun square Saturn (11º Cancer-Libra)
July 6: Sun conjunct Sirius (14º Cancer)
July 7: Jupiter trine Pluto (6º Taurus-Capricorn)
July 9: Uranus turns retrograde (5º Aries)

An Astrological reading will help you co-conspire with these important alignments so you too can fly!


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