Light News

June 21st is the first day of Summer. Yes, it is the longest day of the year and some people make offerings of flowers to the sea or light fires and stay out and enjoy the Midsummer’s Night Dream. Whatever you do, recognize that this is the turning of the season back toward the dark. The Sun is moving from Airy Gemini to Watery Cancer. I will lead a Summer Solstice Ritual June 19th at UUCB at 7 pm.

Full Moon Report

Here we are smack dab in the middle of Eclipse Month. As I write the moon is full and will be eclipsed on the other side of the world so we won’t see it, but we will feel it as a pull between, everyday thought and ideas Gemini and the grand philosophical meaning of life Sagittarius.  If something  or idea is wanting to be done away with, weeded or changed in your life now is the time to let it happen. Also, if something is broken, or eclipsed just sing really loud with  The Rollings Stones ” You can’t always get what you want but you GET WHAT YOU NEED!”

But Wait There’s More!

Saturn Went Direct this weekend. This turn around of structure and wysiwyg, what-you-see-is-what-you-get,may make us feel like we need to play catch-up on many projects that have been waiting in the wings since March. But the true lesson of Saturn and it’s sign Capricorn is Time. The more you begin to believe you are in charge of your own time, no matter what, the more peaceful you will feel. Sing along with me Tiiime is on my side,  Oh Yes it is!  The consequences of no slowing down and taking life one step at a TIME can be troublesome just now. Keep breathing and be kind to fellow travelers especially on the road.

I Am So Grateful

A Rose for You

It was a year ago when I started the  Carolisle  Blog. I wrote: Welcome to my blog. I am here to translate Astrological events into everyday language so you can find comfort  and context on this Earth Island Journey we all share with one another. Thank you For being with me all Year long.

I wonder if I have accomplished what I set out to do? Dear Friends I would greatly appreciate your comments. Please Let me know if anything I wrote was of use or meaningful to you during the last year. You can review the past blogs (under Archives)to see if they parallel your life around the time they were written. I noticed I did not write anything for November. That was when Saturn, Mr. Function over Form was conjoined my Neptune Dream World. All of us Baby Boomers will have that event some time in the next year and a half.  First 5 people to write back will receive a Saturn Neptune Time-line for this year.

Remember I am available to guide you through the Galaxy of Change that is 2011 with an Astrology reading.

Blessed Be,



3 thoughts on “Light News

  1. Carol, I’ve been enjoying all your posts. I love the whimsical, unpretentious, soulful style, and there’s always good information in there. In fact, I’m facebooking you, straight-away!

  2. Carol,
    I really enjoy your blog. I think you have found a nitch. How many hits do you get or is it a limited audience?
    Keep it up!

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