Before Sunrise

Dear Friends I don’t want you to miss

The Four Planet Dance:

“If you can find a spot with a completely unobstructed eastern horizon, you can watch an extraordinary sky show from late April 2011 through the end of May. Every morning just before sunrise, four planets combine to form fascinating and ever-changing patterns. This is the tightest grouping of bright planets that has occurred yet in the 21st century”.  Tony Flanders 117347948.htmlt Dance  will tell you more about this extraordinary event.

What does it mean? Beauty and Joy,  Courage and Optimism are giving voice to the very Light that Rules our World. Even if you can’t get out and see it I want you to know this rare event is happening so you can bathe in the wonder!

Speaking words of Love and Beauty is possible now because the Sun is in Venus ruled Taurus. It is written across the stars to express yourself in your favorite art forms or go out and enjoy each others expressions of Earthly Delights!

An Earthly Delight

Is Acting or Play your thing? Mark your Calendar! The third installment of my Friday Night Improv Class will take place May 20th at the UU Church in Kensington at 7 p.m. contact me for reservations.

If you’re ready to explore how these star cycles and more are working out in your own life, please do get in touch and we’ll schedule some time for your personal consultation.


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