It’s not Coffee it’s Uranus in Aries

Waking Up

Nervous, jittery, overwhelmed? Too much electrical energy running through you?  Then you are living on Planet Earth in March 2011. Those alignments I wrote about last time are coming due. Gee I wish I had a star wand to calm things down but this is a doorway we must go through. Uranus, the bringer of sudden, unexpected, life altering, release is joining with innovative, daring, challenging, freedom loving Aries.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac so it as if a cosmic rest button has been pushed. It is time to take the lessons we have been learning in the collective unconscious of Pisces make them our own and take them out into the world. We are given chance to birth a completely new world. We have watched as Jupiter moved into Aries just as Egypt rose up against tyranny.  Now we add the evolutionary, Uranium radioactive Planet into the mix! Who know what will happen?

Where will the next step take us?

Who Knows what this  brave new world will be like and what mysteries it has to offer. I have heard guesses of everything from close encounters of the third kind, to that peaceful healthy world we all dream of . Whatever it may be, we still live in bodies with blood and bones and nervous systems that need to be taken care of and listened to.  Spending time in nature will dissipate some of those jitters and maybe even offer us clues for what our next step will be.  Here’s a great way to get those natural juices flowing

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