Surf The Parodox

The Cosmic weather reports puts Mercury, Mars, Sun and Uranus all in Pisces.

As Planets pile up one after another in the otherworldly, deeply spiritual, and mystical sign Pisces, we might take heed of what Cinderella tells Princes Charming during Into the Woods “My father’s house was a nightmare. Your house was a dream. Now I want something in-between.” Diving into the great ocean ruled by Neptune himself can create upheaval in the world as well as our psyches, so finding the middle ground between the over idealized and despair is advised, while at the same time remembering the adage “let go or be dragged”.  If my survival instructions for the “Now” seem contradictory remember two fish swimming in opposite directions is the symbol for Pisces . “Surf the Paradox” could be a Pisces bumper sticker.

So, when you are befuddled and even staring into space, gasping like a carp out of water just know you right in the swim of things. Shake your tail and explore this creative communal underwater world because by March 22 the Sun and Uranus will have moved in to Aries and we will be dealing with a major paradigm shift the likes of which we haven’t seen since 2003. Take the next few weeks to review how your life has altered in these last 8 year and see what surfaces. This will give yourself time to grieve your losses, celebrate your success and pack your bags for the big change of scenery already on the horizon.


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