Yes Virginia you’re still a Virgo

Aries Point

Sunrise Spring Equinox

You may not know this but, your sign is determined by where the Sun is, not the constellation overhead. And, if as I have heard from some folks you wanted to be that other sign you may have  had whole bouquet of planets in that sign the day you were born. Check with your personal Astrologer and she will be most happy to check for you. Here is what an astrologer I follow says about this whole hullabaloo about signs being out of place.

Regarding the question of the signs being out of sync with the constellations, there’s a major flaw. Western astrologers use a system called the tropical zodiac (that’s what most everyone is familiar with) to create measurements using celestial longitudes. We do not use constellations to make these measurements. We calculate the zodiac beginning with the moment the Sun enters Aries (the Spring Equinox, and the Aries Point), the hour and day the Sun’s rays meet the equator directly overhead. This continues through the equinoctial and tropical points (the four seasonal changes). This system employed by western astrologers uses a zodiac based upon signs, and their positions are determined by the Aries Point.” Thank you Gloria Star for setting us straight”

Important Shifts

Jan 13 Mercury enter Capricorn

Jan.15 Mars enters Aquarius

Jan 20 Full Moon in Cancer 1:21pm Let’s all do the a Moon Dance!

Jan. 20 Sun Enters Aquarius Happy Birthday Water Bearers

Jan. 22 Jupiter enters Aries, Who did you always want to be?

Feb 4 Class: 2011 Forecast: Three things you Need to know about Shift! 7pm Contact for reservation $12.


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