Eclipse Notes

Eclipsed Earth

Looking Back at an Eclipsed Earth
Credit: Mir 27 Crew; Copyright: CNES

“Explanation: Here is what the Earth looks like during a solar eclipse. The shadow of the Moon can be seen darkening part of Earth. This shadow moved across the Earth at nearly 2000 kilometers per hour. Only observers near the center of the dark circle see a total solar eclipse – others see a partial eclipse where only part of the Sun appears blocked by the Moon. This spectacular picture of the 1999 August 11 solar eclipse was one of the last ever taken from the Mir space station. The two bright spots that appear on the upper left are thought to be Jupiter and Saturn. Mir was deorbited in a controlled re-entry in 2001.”

Last night’s Eclipse from Italy

We won’t see the Jan. 4th 12:52 am Eclipse so I am sending along this rare view of the Eclipsed Earth from Mir.  What does it mean in out life? Here is what Stephanie Austin’s EcoAstrology news letter has to say: Solar eclipses occur in 19-year cycles, returning our attention to beginnings we made almost two decades ago, and again at the halfway point of that cycle. On January 4, 1992, there was a solar eclipse at 14º Capricorn and on July 5, 2001, a lunar eclipse at 14º Capricorn–Cancer. What was happening in your life during those times? What is cycling around now, either for completion or for advancement to the next level? Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn, squares this eclipse, mandating a shift in perspective and direction. In Libra, Saturn forces us to re-evaluate our partnerships and agreements, changing or eliminating those which are not supporting the growth of both sides equally.” My example is: I had a four-year old child in 1992 who, now in 2011, is a wonderful woman and it seems it is written in the Stars that I need to let her  go and grow. I would love to hear your examples. You can post them on the comment page or email me. Here is Astrology.Com’s take on the eclipse. Enjoy

The areas of your life that this eclipse will impact most will vary depending on your Sun Sign: From

Aries: You should push harder at work and focus on your greatest ambitions.

Taurus: Try to pick some aspect of your life and set your sights higher than you ever dreamed.

Cancer: You’ll want to make new arrangements in close relationships and you’ll need to work on adjusting to meet those.

Gemini: Immerse yourself in confidential and financial agreements.

Leo: Look into matters involving work or health, or both if you’re feeling really ambitious.

Virgo: You’ll just want love and fun right now.

Libra: Try to focus on home and family matters.

Scorpio: You must manage your daily schedule more efficiently.

Sagittarius: You’ll want to try to get a firmer grip on your personal finances.

Capricorn: The Solar Eclipse is in your sign and you’ll find you’re at a significant turning point in your journey. You’ll need to reflect carefully on your choices to determine what comes next.

Aquarius: You’ll just need to take time out for more inner reflection.

Pisces: This is a time for you to make new friends and sort out longer-term plans.

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