Farewell to a Superlative Year

Galactic Center

2010 was a superlative year. The largest oil spill, a gigantic volcanic cloud, the worst snowstorm, the only lunar eclipse on the Solstice in centuries….Oh the Giants win the World Series for the first time in 50 years. What were your personal highlights; best and worst? I hope not too many spills or thrills. I have seen a great number of casts this year.  Makes me think a couple of things: we need to choose new scripts for our lives while we express our gratitude for the support we have received from plaster of Paris and our friends.  Pluto living in the house of  the structure loving planet Saturn focus us on taking care of our bones, skin, buildings.

Will it be different next year? Yes. Better? Different. There were many sharp turns in 201o. There will be some big dramatic changes coming in 2011.  Ask yourself do you take the leap of faith and enjoy the parachute ride down or do you stay on the plane and hope to land safely.  We are all on this Spaceship-Earth together which is the lesson we are being taught over and over for the next few years.  It is a big part of the 2012  mission. The first reminder is Jupiter and Uranus squaring the Center of our Galaxy right before the Solar Eclipse on January 4th 11:03 am. This combination spells out an opportunity for centering our soul while we change directions. The last time was in 1334. We are getting an up load of ancient information. Pay attention you may get a hit of what is really being ask of you this time around. We might find out there is more to life besides paying the bills and vacuuming the rug. I plan to make my New Years some time this first week of January.

Short Notice 2011 Preview January 5th  7 pm Focus on Galactic Center and Eclipse $5. for blog  readers.

2011 Preview January 12th 7:00 at My House I will highlight the big Changes happening in the zodiac through out 2011 and help you find what part of your life will be most affected. $12. includes personal chart and handouts (no Astrology knowledge needed)

for reservations email: carolisle@earthlink.net

Remember an Astrology reading is a good way to start the year


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