Solstice Message

Solstice Sunrise

Longing in the Dark

The solstice dances with a total Lunar Eclipse today and tomorrow. Look for the Eclipse between 10:52 pm  12/20 and 2:o1 am 12/21.  The significance hmmmm Well. Darkness, double darkness. Think of everything that happens in the dark and that’s what the next few days are about.  Fear will often be the first reaction to this much darkness, especially with the underworld guide Pluto close at hand at 5 Capricorn until way after December 25th. Once we are adjusted to low light try to wonder at the mystery and, above all, listen to the longings. In those whispers you will find the seeds of what is calling you in the coming year.

The Eclipse will be magnifying this experience. It is that pull deep in your heart, deeper than wanting, “an endless aching need”*, perhaps. We often get lost and mix this up with a bad case of consumerism. Just  notice what you are doing, forgive yourself, celebrate what you do have, and then go out and look at the sky. If you can’t get out check out NASA picture a day web site in the mean time HAPPY YULE!

“The Rose” by Bette Midler .

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