Wandering the Milky Way

The days grow shorter from now on until December 21st.Then for 180  days they will grow longer and the world appears brighter, then again for 180 day darker and shorter. Looking from the Moon or, say Jupiter, would the world appear to flicker a beacon of blue and green?

I look forward to the darkening,

shortening days almost more than the longer, lighter summery time of the year. I look forward to the time when the Northern Hemisphere tips toward the galactic center and we see the great expanse of the Milky Way spilled across the winter sky. What a great name for such a spectacular image-all white and splashy against an ultraviolet black background.  The best way to capture it would be on that wild 70’s black velvet like a Las Vegas Elvis painting. And after all each star is a king to a trillion-zillion worlds. The other night when a group of us were discussing the wonders of the dark, one man explained how the scientists used the Hubble telescope to explore this place in the universe that seemed to have little light coming from it. They wondered if it was the grandfather of all black holes. In order to capture what it contained, they narrowed the focus of the Hubble to the size of a grain of sand or a pinhole and peered in to its darkness. For 30 minutes they gathered whatever light they could. What they discovered was astonishing. That was the story he told. Here is NASA’s version. http://www.spacetelescope.org/news/heic1015/

Lagoon Nebula/NASA

Located four to five thousand light-years away, in the constellation of Sagittarius (the Archer), Messier 8 is a huge region of star birth that stretches across one hundred light-years. Clouds of hydrogen gas are slowly collapsing to form new stars, whose bright ultraviolet rays then light up the surrounding gas in a distinctive shade of red.”

What is interesting

to me is looking into the dark and finding a nebula so large and so old and so brilliant but it is a birthplace of new stars. A-mazing! Look what happens when you leave the lens open. Do I dare turn that telescope around and look into my darkest sector to that place I have worked so hard for so long to keep hidden so long that I have forgotten why and what is locked away there? Will time have flattened those secrets into dry, stiff and wrinkled carcasses; who can never be reconstituted during a human lifetime. Or will time and pressure have created crystals or gemstones? Maybe a red garnet from the clumsy, bloody wounded knee scrapes of childhood. Or, perhaps, a diamond out of the sobbing broken-hearted tears shed for a lost love?

Now  standing with Persephone

at the door to the underworld darkness of Autumn I cannot but wonder, was that lover worth all that pain? But look at the wise jewel it created! What would life be without those incidents that now sparkle and shine as guideposts for my inner world? I still pause with fear of what I will find in the dark; rot and stink of failures and roads-not-taken, festered over like knots on tree trunks unrecognizable as possibilities. Again, maybe, they will have become like petrified wood reflecting rainbow colors of wonder and longing or even have become books written in hieroglyphs that will take me all winter to translate. Darkness beckons!

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