Mary Oliver’s words welcome us to Fall. The sun is in the sign of Libra from September 22 until October 23. “I Balance” are the words that Libra speaks. We often think the symbol of Libra as the Balanced scales, but  the symbol is really the horizon with half the setting sun rising above. Here at the end of summer we contemplate all that has ripened and fallen to the ground, while we look around at the dire beauty of all that is left.  Just as Persephone, prepares for her journey underground , we begin to focus inward. No matter how warm and bright the days, we know short, dark days are near. Marriage is often associated with Libra; so are are other  equal relationship like: yin yang, dark &light, peanut butter & jelly, Earth and Sky, life and death. What is one without the other? Each makes the other sweeter.

During late August and early September the sun was in the sign of Virgo. A sign that often ask a lot of questions, wants to know the detail, and sometimes worries. Now is the time to collect all that information together to create an image of peace and love to carry with you into the dark. You might want to make a charm  or  create something real to signify  that you are a willing participant in the natural changes afoot this time of year.  Native Americans make corn dolls out of  husks of their recently  harvested corn. Check out this beautiful web site for stories related to the meaning of corn husk dolls:

More About Balance

Justice is, also, an important Libra quality. See the movie Food INC to understand the unjust world of seed saving and chicken farming.

Time Table

Autumnal Equinox September 22, 8:09 pm

Full Moon September 23 2:17 am

Jupiter at Perigee Closest point to the Earth all week . He is a companion to the Moon  all evening, tagging along like a little brother as they both roll across the night sky. I hope you get to see this beautiful sight.


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