Not Picky But Particular

The Sun is in the sign of Virgo August 22 until September 22. Virgo is often given a bad rap as be being picky.  Stephanie Austin describes this sign as “not picky but particular.” She goes on to say:

Virgo, symbolized by a virgin holding a sheaf of wheat, represents wholeness and the development of discernment, the ability to determine what is vital.

Anyone who has gone berry picking has used their Virgo skill of discernment. You first look for the darkest fruit, then reach in to feel for ripeness. With experience your fingers learn that “just right” feeling of a juicy berry ready to be popped into your mouth and eaten on the spot. Experience also tells you how to keep your arms and legs from being lacerated by the thorns.

Hmmm, I wonder, maybe Sleeping Beauty might not have had to endure her long nap if she had listened to her (probably Virgo) Fairy Good Mother about staying away from sharp objects until she was old enough, and experienced enough, to take care of herself in sticky situations.  I would want a Virgo guiding my child, or even me, in uncharted territory.  And the Virgo would be glad to do it.

A Virgo knows their purpose is keep their flock safe. I think of this sign as a Shepard or Sheep dog. My Australian Shepard was happiest when he had a job. He brought children back to their parents, or kept misbehaving pups away from people. In his mind those naughty dogs should be kept away from the pack.  If You are a Virgo, please don’t think I’m calling you a dog. Patches will always be one of my best friends on this walk I call life.

Who do you watch over and protect or who is your guardian?

I will focus on  these questions and other topics related to Virgo in my class “Insight Astrology”, September 1st, 7p.m., at UUCB.  Call or email for reservations.

The class on September 15 will focus on the Full Moon in Pisces.

In other Astrological News: That trickster Mercury is retrograde until September 12th. Retrograde has to do with anything with “re” in front of it . Review, rewind, repeat…. We humans are  still being taught patience on our Earth Walk.


  1. I’m also glad you’re not giving Virgo a bad rap! :>) Our sense of responsibility and perfectionism comes in handy sometimes, doesn’t it? I’m happy to be linked up with Patches. He was SO sweet and loving.

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