Green Revolution

Evolution or Revolution

As I write, July 25th, the Moon is Full. Sometimes that is enough to  explain the intensity of our nights and days, but as I have said before, we are in for hot times. Care 2 Astrology says it best:

Many other startling stellar happenings are ready to manifest during the last six days of July and during the first nine days of August.(see below for dates of all the alignments) In essence, we are now within one of the most profound and revolutionary three-week cycles in many years. Therefore, find time every day during the next three weeks for additional soul-searching and meditation.

Yes, Yes we may be asked take stands for what we believe in or love the unlovable, or even look into shadowy places; so we will need all the inner strength we can muster from many sources. How do we cope?

Here is one simple meditation you might want to try: Go to any place where the Sun shines through leaves and let yourself be bathed in that green filtered light. Let the light fall up on you, let your breathing slow, know you are absorbing a marvelous gift from Mother Earth.

In other words,  breath in green light. I do believer the leaves change sun light in a way that is essential for our well being.  I discovered this one year while trying to overcome the ennui that accompanies ,the doldrums, known as the dog-days of Summer. That day I knew a walk would do me good but it seemed the forest light lightened my mood more than the exercise. It is well known we need Sun light for vitamin D. Wouldn’t it be fun if someday  the medicinal properties of  Vitamin G,leaf filtered light, would be discovered.  Think of it as a salad for your soul. Maybe my idea sounds a little loony but the Full Moon in eccentric Aquarius just came up and this kind of creative audacity might just be what is called for in times of profound  revolution…. if we are to become who we know we really are deep within.

What is your ” wild and precious” prescription for dealing with revolutionary times?

If you would like more Astrology and more Meditation I am Leading an Insight Astrology class  on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays evenings of the month.

email me to reserve a space. I am available for personal Astrology Chart readings to help you find your best path to freedom and wholeness.

Current Planetary Alignments

July 25 Full Moon in Aquarius 6:36pm

July 26 Saturn opposite Uranus-Dramatic change

July 29 Mars enters Libra

July 30 Mars opposite Uranus-Change at any cost

July 31 Mars opposite Saturn- Change in chains

August More Intensity

*Aug 2  Jupiter square Pluto, Lamas: first harvest

Aug 3 Mars opposite Jupiter

Aug 6 Venus enters Libra: Perhaps a little sweetness

Aug 9 New Moon in Leo 8:08 pm Hear Leo the Lion Roar


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