It’s Elemental

It’s Elemental

Ever wonder why some aspect of your life makes you feel like you are Br’er Rabbit stuck to Tar Baby? Ever wonder, no matter how  far you think you have evolved, you make the same mistakes over and over?  Tar Baby just sits there smiling and staring, daring you to punch her one more time, and you do, even when you know you’ll get stuck. Is she the boss, the kids, the partner, the lover that won’t listen? Is she that health issue that comes along every time you get stressed? Or is she that bank account that leaks money no matter how much you put into it?

Maybe It’s Elemental

Fire, earth, air and water represent the primal needs of all living beings, the essential characteristics of this planet, the vital forces that make up the entire creation that can be perceived by our physical senses. We need air to breathe, water to drink, fire to keep us warm, and earth to hold us up. Too much or too little of any one, you burn, drown, suffocate or explode. In a person’s life it might create that frustration that makes you look for something to punch or cause you to turn into Miss Passive Tar Baby just at the wrong time or place. We’ve all done it. “Why didn’t I speak up… or he makes me so mad I could…” these words will always echo through the canyons of our life, less as we age or meditate, but the residue of this folk tale will always be around.

In the next few weeks the elements will really be out of balance. Starting July 23 there will be no planets in the element of water, with 3 in fire and 4 in earth and the rest in air. This arrangement has been written about for a while. I don’t dare make a guess at what may happen, but I suspect it will be hot, heavy and intense. Everyday life on planet Earth may be like living with a creative psychopath expressing a lot of action with no concern for others.  Until late August, when Uranus goes backs into watery Pisces, I hope what we can do is ground ourselves in compassion, first for ourselves when we find ourselves in a sticky situation, then for those who are fanning the flames of discontent, and finally for those caught in the brier patch of life. I offer this picture of the Goddess Kwan Yin as an embodiment of compassion please feel free to cut and paste Her wherever you like.

She Who Hears the Cries of the World

For an individual map out of the Brier patch I am offering:

Quick Like a Rabbit Elemental Reading. $10 for 10 minutes.

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