What Matters

We have been speeding along under the winds of Uranus in Aries for a few weeks; some of us have moved too fast and been involved in accidents. I have no scientific proof, but I cannot open an email, answer the phone  or go to the grocery store without receiving news of another accident. Astrologically speaking we need to be reminded that we live in bodies that weren’t made to move at warp speed. The stars have just the fix.  July 5th,  Uranus turns retrograde; this planet of revolutionary change is asking us to  slow down and reflect on what we have learned in the last few weeks. For the several months until (December 5th) we may find ourselves  diving  back into the dream world of Pisces.  There we may come up with creative solutions and resolutions. It is also a time to become reacquainted with our guides and teacher. We will be able to find the depth we always  knew we could reach within ourselves and our relations with all other beings.

The July 11  Total Solar  Eclipse is the second big reminder of what matters. In fact, the word “matter” comes  from the Sanskrit word “mat” meaning Mother. This Eclipse is in Cancer, the sign ruled by  the Mother of us all, the Moon. When the Moon comes between us and the Sun we will be given a chance to pull back the veil and see how unreleased feelings are getting in our way or tripping us up. Use the eclipse to meditate on what you would like to be eclipsed from you. Then celebrate what has blossomed in your life.

The Stars are  a part of nature and nature is the best teacher we have. My backyard is a good teacher these days. I am learning what matters while I stay present with the simple needs of roses, zucchinis and string beans; all the nurturing they need is water, sun and freedom from weeds. What do you need from The Mother? Where do you need to slow down?

I am off to eclipse some weeds in my garden!

Meanwhile here are some gifts from nature: a photo from my garden and a  poem named Joy.

”all because bees just do,over and over again, what they were made to


Oh, who could need more proof than honey

to know that our world

was meant to be


was meant to be


Joy by Julie Cadwallader Staub


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